Refunds / Deposits & Disclaimer Policy

Pet Deposits: You must call us prior to placing any deposits to go over the process and obtain information about you. We want to make sure it is a good fit before accepting any deposits. Once a deposit is made on a puppy or kitten, Arella Posh Boutique will hold the pet and turn down other offers with understanding that you are going to purchase the pet that you have put a deposit on. If you back out, no refund for the deposit will be given back to you. The puppy or kitten will be sold to the another customer waiting. Once a deposit is received and the puppy/kitten has been made unavailable for purchase by others, the deposit is non-refundable. Please call us prior to placing a deposit.

A deposit in the amount of $200 is required to reserve and hold the available pet of your choice until the puppy or kitten is ready to be picked up. Deposits can be paid by a credit/debit card or cash ONLY. You will be charged $200 for the deposit which will go toward your final purchase price of your pet. Again you must call prior to placing any deposit or purchasing any of our puppies or kittens so we can make sure that this is a good fit for you and our puppy or kitten. 

Final Payments Of Puppies: We want you to see the puppy before purchasing it and any balance due must be collected at the time of puppy/kitten pickup at the storefront. There is an additional sales tax charge of 7.25% on the purchase price of the pet. On final payment only, we accept cashiers check or cash. Any credit cards/debit cards, or PayPal require a 3% additional fee. To use these credit options we do require a copy of your drivers license and a copy of card for which you may cover all the numbers but the last 4 digits. This is so we can verify the cardholder and the one making the purchase. Also we require a signed puppy contract bill of sale at time of puppy/kitten pick up at storefront. No puppies are ever given before all paperwork has been completed and payment has been accepted by us. We DO NOT accept a personal check the day of pick up.

We don’t ship puppies nor kittens. All pet sales must be made in person at the storefront.

Protocols for in the best interest of our puppies are in place. We have the buyer to sign a contract that states that the puppies are not for breeding. We want them to placed a good pet homes only, therefore our puppies won’t come with registration papers. The local breeders we work with are good small breeders and sometimes they won’t give us registration papers even if the parents are registered. We also will ask questions to try and ensure our pets go to good loving homes and we will ask questions about you to establish if this is a good fit. Side note, if you are obsessed with a weight of a puppy only then we may move onto the next customer in waiting. This business started out as a hobby because I love my pets and Iove to spoil and cherish them... Now it has become a passion. We hope each home they will be just as loved and cherished as they are with us and we do our best to ensure that. 

When considering your pet of choice for your family, it is important that you take the time necessary to choose what sex and color you want. We can provide a general size estimate and a general temperament estimate, but we cannot guarantee it with 100% certainty. Although not common, puppies can sometimes fade, or change color as they mature. We again can give you a general idea of color, but we cannot guarantee it.

*Arella Posh Boutique, LLC reserves the right to refuse the sale of our puppies if it is in the best interest of our puppies.

Pet Refunds: Once you have purchased a puppy or kitten, you will be given a contract to sign that states that you have 48 hours from date of receiving your pet to take it to your vet of choice at your cost. If there is life threatening medical condition that the Vet has documented, you can return the puppy or kitten with all of the documentation that was given to you at pickup for a full refund within the 48 hours of pickup. The puppy or kitten has to be returned prior to the refund being issued.

Disclaimer: Please understand though we try to find nothing but healthy kittens and puppies, sometimes a pet can be born with slight imperfections that are not life threatening. However for no reason at all a pet could develop a condition that could be life threatening hence for our pet refunds disclaimer above. Please read it before purchasing. Unlike other pet stores, we offer a 48 hour window after purchasing your pet for a full refund if the vet documents a life threatening medical condition of the pet and the pet is returned to us.

Background: I myself have experienced purchasing a malti-poo that was perfectly fine except she was marked as allergic to certain things and had a hernia. This was not life threatening as she is now 6 years old happy and energetic.  I wouldn't trade her for anything! Although I strive to find a perfect healthy pet before offering it to my clients, I share my past personal experience to shed light that with pets they are living and breathing animals. They are not products so just like humans their health is also based on how well you care for them!.. We are here to help and guide you to what we recommend for good quality food options as well as caring for your pet. Remember your pet will be stressed the first couple of days in being in a new environment and could experience not wanting to eat. So contact us immediately and we will help advise on what to give to them. Small pets it is crucial they eat enough and have plenty of water! Small pets need to eat often to keep their blood sugar levels stable. Note we are not veterinarians and you should always double check with your veterinary as to any advise on what is recommended to you. We are always caring and loving to all our pets and will try our best to find good homes as well as offer you quality pets and service. We are here to guide you!

I also know what it feels like to be scammed. I purchased a dog online thinking I would receive the puppy and did not. So Arella Posh Boutique LLC was formed. I wanted to offer "honest" service to you and you are welcome to come and see the puppy or kitten before you purchase. Please call for an appointment and we will be happy to show you the pet before you purchase at our storefront. 103 W. Main St. Kirkersville, OH 43033.  

Boutique Clothing/Accessories Store Items: At Arella Posh Boutique we are unable to change or cancel your order after you have submitted it. We do not offer exchanges or returns unless the item was damaged due to sanitary reasons, as most of our items are pet items. We are not responsible for stolen packages or lost packages. If an error has been made on our end, for example shipping a wrong item to you then please contact our customer service thru email and we will work on resolving this issue for you promptly.